Writing Quote: Revelation of Meaning

There are many sides to writing stories – be they fictional or non (I personally prefer the fictional variety, as you may have gathered).  We write to entertain.  We write because we “have to”.  But we also write to elucidate some moral or ideal, to find meaning in what can sometimes seem a meaningless life.  Philosophical, no?  Today’s Writing Quote comes from philosopher and “political theorist” Hannah Arendt.

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. 

~Hannah Arendt

What is it about stories that catches the mind’s eye, and that causes us to pause and think more deeply about our own lives?  Is it the role of the writer to be intentional and persuasive in imbuing story with meaning?  Or should the writer be transparent, invisible in the story, allowing the tale to take its place and the meaning to be woven from those threads organically?

No answers, today.  Only questions.  What’s your take?  How do you approach meaning, moral, and purpose in your stories?  Do you often think about these things when you read stories?  Do they inform the way you live and think about life?  Do they make you reconsider your perspective?