An Award-Winning Blog!

I started this blog initially as an outlet for that writerly, creative spirit that I felt I wasn’t exercising as frequently as I’d like.  I was knee-deep in my MBA, and between the demands of work and school, I barely had time to spend with my Dear Wife, let alone write.  But creative writing has always been a part of who I am, a necessary form of self-expression, and the long absence from creative writing was starting to wear on me a bit. 

As I began blogging, I quickly learned of the potential importance a well-maintained blog could have in a long-term writing career, with respect to building and interacting with an audience of readers.  It’s of course by no means a guarantee of success, but has the potential to play a critical factor at a later point.  I’m a long way, yet, from that point.  But, in the meantime, it’s very gratifying to learn that readers are enjoying my blog. 

Sunshine Award

The "Sunshine Award"


Yesterday, in fact, I became aware that fellow writer-in-training Barb, who’s blog is called Creative Barbwire, had pegged my blog with the “Sunshine Award” for making her day brighter.  The Award isn’t something that’s given out by some official institution charged with the adjudication of quality on the internet – it’s one given me by a reader (and fellow writer).  And, right now, that’s what’s important to me, with respect to this blog: my readers. 

(With respect to everything else, what’s important to me are my Dear Wife, B.T., finishing my MBA, and finding a good job to provide for my family.) 

In the spirit of the “passing it on” nature of awards like these, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tag another fellow writer-in-training (whom I’ve linked here a few times) T. S. Bazelli’s “Ink Stained“, who started the “Author Aerobics” challenge that I’ve been participating in of recent weeks (and hopefully producing some fun little short stories that you readers have also enjoyed, in the process). 

I hope you all continue to enjoy my humble efforts here (even through the hiatus days).  

Happy writing.

7 thoughts on “An Award-Winning Blog!

  1. Thank you Stephen! You just made my day brighter. I’d been enjoying your blog before I started blogging. It’s good to know other people on the same path 🙂 Keep up the great work, and thank you for participating in the Author Aerobics!

    • And thank you for hosting them. They’ve given me an opportunity to flex a few creative writing muscles and show them off on my blog. I mean, a blog by an aspiring fantasy writer with no example of my fantasy or genre writing? What the heck kind of shop was I running around here, anyway?

      • Exactly the kind of shop that I was running. hehe.

        By the way, I recommend tagging any Friday stories with #fridayflash in twitter. There’s already an established community that participates. Some of it’s genre, some of it’s not, but it could bring some new blood over here 🙂

      • I’d noticed you’d done that. I hadn’t myself because so far the stories I’d posted had been a tad on the long side, and I wasn’t sure that would qualify as “flash” per se… So I didn’t want to abuse it.

  2. Congratulations Stephen! Just for the record, I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and I think you’re doing an excellent job! Can’t wait to read more of your work & stories! 🙂

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