A Brief “Hiatus”

I’ve been thinking about this for the past week.  With a newborn still making adjustments in home life a bit of a challenge for Dear Wife and I, and with the increasing demands of summer evening classes and on-campus recruiting prep workshops, I’m finding it hard to justify the current regularity of my blog posting updates.

So, I’ve decided I’ll be entering something of a “hiatus”.  By which, I don’t mean that I will leave off blogging altogether, but that my posting will become less regular.

I’m going to be designating “hiatus” days – days on which I will post only a brief message indicating that I’m taking the day off to work on other things.  Generally, these will probably be on Mondays and Saturdays, though other days may crop up as hiatus days as well (most probably including Wednesdays or Thursdays, though those days may vary).  In between those, I’ll still be doing blogging and updates of the normal sort, but I’ll try to be brief as much as possible.  (This basically also means my Magical Lexicon project is going to become very infrequent in my updates to that…)

This is only until things get settled at home, and I get through the rigorous “on-campus recruiting” schedule, and get my future career figured out.  Once I’m past these challenges, I hope to return to the more regular blog you’ve grown accustomed to.

Related to that: if any of you readers out there have good ideas for business-related careers for creative-minded people with MBAs, well, I’m all ears!