The Return of the Revenge of the Son of…

Okay, this again?

To be fair, when the plumber came out last time, the problem of the sewage leak had abated sufficiently that the cure (replacing our entire sewage pump and sewage basin) had become worse than the disease (a sewage leak that was inexplicably no longer leaking).  So, basically, we did nothing.

Which, in hindsight, meant that the problem was not solved, and would almost certainly rear it’s ugly head again.

Only this time (1) we have an actual baby and not a hypothetical baby in Dear Wife’s belly and (2) it’s not freezing (we now being in the midst of some downright steamy weather) so we can’t blame the pipes freezing as the culprit of the problem.  Further, having investigated this myself, this time, I saw the leak first-hand again, and I daresay it’s worse than before.

Which means… chances are this time we are going to have to swallow that unpalatable (and probably too expensive) cure.