Deadlines Loom

So, we’re now less than a month out from my self-imposed deadline for completing that short story I’ve been working on for the past however many months (you’ll see the deadline listed in my “Short Story Submission Watch” above, and my current revision progress to the right).

Wow.  Would you look at that.  There’s a lot of work left to do!  Certainly, the revised version of the story is looking to be a better story than what I started with.  Especially if you go back to the original draft I wrote a couple years ago, stemming from my initial moment of inspiration.

Considering everything that’s going on (between recent events, and the off-the-books project I’m doing at school more for resumé rights than for a grade) I’m honestly not sure if I can meet that deadline.  I very rarely have enough free time to work on the story.  Sure, I’m just revising, at this point.  But that means going over the story with a fine-tooth comb, finding errors, plot holes, and other inconsistencies and fixing them.

Still, I will do what I can to try to meet that deadline.  It’s my hope that in due course of time, you readers – or those of you who have the wherewithal – will have the opportunity to read this story in a professional presentation (i.e. a pro mag, either in print or online).

Of course, realistically, even as good as I think this story is, I have to couch my enthusiasm with a dose of pessimism.  From a purely statistical perspective, chances are I won’t be able to sell this story.  Of course, it’s not a purely statistical problem, but it is a partially statistical problem, so the sheer volume of existing aspiring authors such as myself poses a certain challenge in the game of catching an editor’s attention.  So, I think it’s turning out to be a good story.  The two readers that I was able to get feedback from liked my story, but neither loved it (though that was not their role: I just wanted them to help me find the weak points so I could fix it).  Still, even if it is a good story, it’s probably not a great story.

Ah well.  Time will tell.  Wish me luck in finishing this (hopefully final) draft, and meeting my deadline.

Happy writing.