What Nine Months Can Do

Regular readers will have noticed a couple weeks ago, now, an uncharacteristic disruption in my regular blog posts.  Regular readers will also have likely guessed as to the cause of this disruption, and I’ve decided to go ahead and confirm those suspicions.

Yes.  Sometime in the past few weeks, B.T. made the final step in his nine-month journey from heaven to our home.  To protect B.T.’s privacy, I won’t share the precise date, but suffice to say, both Dear Wife and I are still tired!

Let me just say: being there at the birth of my son was an amazing experience.  I nearly cried when I first saw him.

On the other hand, being a new father has been a very trying experience.  I’m excericising patience muscles I didn’t know I had as I try help quiet the crying babe.  Let me tell you, there may be no worse sound in the world than that of a crying baby.  It activates this crazed instinct, this imperative, that you must find some way to silence the baby and satisfy his needs.  So far, he seems to cry most when he’s hungry or when he has a soiled diaper.  Both of which he does with alarming frequency.  Especially the diaper-soiling.  He’ll poop and pee two or three times in a row, causing multiple diaper changes over a ten- or fifteen-minute period.

I’ve been able to resume blog posts more regularly again because I’m back at work, now, and occassionally have free time whilst at work.  What I don’t have is a great deal of free time while at home.  Which means that, from time to time, you can expect further occassional blog disruptions until we get past this eat-poop-pee-multiple-times-per-three-hour-block phase, and get to a sleep-more-often-than-not phase, which I understand comes before too long.

Dear Wife and I are very  happy to have B.T. in our home.  We’re also very tired.  It’s the end of a nine-month odyssey that’s been traveled countless times since the founding of the world.  And it’s the beginning of an even greater odyssey that will carry us through the next several decades of our life.  Wish us luck!