The Long Drought

So now I’ve come to the end of a rather long and busy week, but a good one.  In very, very many ways I am sorry to see the week go, but the upshot is I may have a tiny bit more time to update my blog this week.  Mind you, it may take me a bit to get back into stride, so bear with me.  But the long drought on this blog is most probably at an end, albeit perhaps only a temporary end.  Last week was uncategorically my worst week for writing on this blog since I began – I’ve never before missed updating the blog on more than two days during the week.

Rest assured, dear readers, it was for a good cause.

As I said, though, it may take me a bit to get back into stride.  I haven’t been keeping my nose to the daily-blog-writing grind, so I’ll have to start percolating ideas to blog about from scratch.  I’ve got a couple things I’d love to talk about, but for now I feel best not to.  And I’ve got a couple ideas of things I can talk about.

So, here’s where I’ll start for today: updates to my “Popular” page.  Popularity waxes and wanes, and mostly it’s been waxing around the posts linked on this page.  When I decided to do a “Popular Posts” page, I defined popularity as a post that had received 20 or more individual hits.  That seemed a fair bar to set, since most posts got considerably fewer.  I can foresee that eventually I may have to raise that bar, but for now I’m keeping it set where it is.  That does mean that in the future, you’ll see posts drop off the Popular page, but for today I’m only adding posts to the popular page.

So, what’s new there will be: a very old post on writing dialog (for better or worse, it’s definitely not a definitive treatment on the topic), last week’s post on writing blog updates, the post about the old “100 Books” meme, another older post about my publication plan, and the first of my Writing Quotes series to be featured on the Popular Posts page.  So, go check out the Popular page and reminisce about all the good times we’ve had.

Also: Welcome back, all ye new and returning readers.