Writing Quote: What’s that word that means…?

Today’s writing quote just struck me as funny, because I have this problem all the time in writing:

A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.

~Baltasar Gracián

This so often happens to me.  I’m buzzing along, writing my happy little heart out.  The words are cascading out of my like droplets forming a hazy rainbow around a waterfall.  And then, BAM!, out of the blue, I come to a screeching halt.  Because something in the story happened for which there is a perfect word to describe it.  But for whatever reason, that perfect word escapes me.  Like, it’s there, on the tip of my tongue.  I know the word; it’s part of my regular vocabulary.  But I just can’t force the word out of the back of my mind where it remains half-formed and onto the page.

Finally, I will give up, fill it in with a synonym that means almost the same thing, and move on.  But the groove was broken, and I’ve been taken out of the moment, and that lousy synonym just sits there screaming that it’s just slightly out of place.

Ultimately, I have to shrug my shoulders and move on.  Some day the word will return to me.  But it will be too late, by then.

Has this ever happened to any of you?