Apologies… brain still melted

My apologies to those who actually like reading my blog.  My brain is basically melted from the long week of projects and working on finals.  That stuff fried my brain like a scrambled egg.

You know.  I enjoy being in school, generally.  I loved college, and I was having a ball with my MBA for a while.  But I’m now 2 years in, and have a year left to go.  And I’ll tell you what.  I’m tired.  I just feel the need to take a break and mentally check out.

And, for whatever reason, that now has me reminiscing to last year, circa mid to late March.  Let me tell you about what happened last year in March, since my brain is too fried to think of something else more interesting.

That’s when Dear Wife and I took our penultimate pre-children-being-introduced-to-our-family vacation.  We went skiing – and for the first time in my life, too.  That first day when we got out on the slopes, and I was on the bunny hill skiing out of control, I was pretty concerned that skiing just wasn’t going to work for me.  Dear Wife had skied many times before, and had only to get back into skis to refresh her body’s memory of how to do it. 

She tried to take me down a nice green slope.  For those not in the know, with regards to skiing, slopes are rated in terms of difficulty by color-coded shapes.  Green Circles are the easiest.  Then come Blue Squares.  Black Diamonds are basically the hardest, though you do run into Double Black Diamonds, which in this case are what I might have called Widower-makers, to coin a term.  Anyway, Dear Wife tried to take me down a nice and easy Green slope.  Basically, what happened was that I fell down the mountain.  Almost quite literally.

Luckily, we’d planned for this.  We’d also enrolled me in a beginner’s ski class.  The Ski instructor was great.  While Dear Wife went and tempted fate with Blue Squares and Black Diamonds, the Instructor took us through all the basics of skis, how to put them on, and ran us through some very basic exercises before leading us down a very easy route on the bunny slope.  The bunny slope was basically the greenest of the green circles (kind of like a double green circle, I guess).  And it was short, with probably only a twenty or thirty foot drop in elevation, max, over the whole thing.  We ran that route several times.

By the end, the instructor thought I had done great, and was ready for the next, “intermediate” class.  (Some of the students seemed to have more trouble, and needed additional “remedial” instruction, and the instructor stayed with them a little longer.)  I still fell down the real green slope immediately after, a lot, but I was getting the hang of it.  So we enrolled me in the next level lesson the next day.

The thing about the second day’s lesson was this: it was supposed to be a group lesson.  Those were way cheaper than private lessons.  But nobody else had signed up for the lesson.  So guess what that meant?  It meant that I basically got a private lesson at the group lesson rate.  And it was pretty awesome.  The instructor for this lesson taught me a few more advanced techniques (like the hockey stop instead of the snow plow stop) but mostly all he did was run me down pretty much every green slope in the resort.  I did fall, but by skiing in his tracks – most of the time anyway – I managed to avoid falling all but a couple times.  And I felt like I learned a lot about how my body needed to move on the snow.  (Plus, it had snowed the night before, probably the last natural snow of the season last year, so the snow was fresh and new, and that probably helped.)

By the end, I was really enjoying skiing.  And I’ve been wanting to go again every since that trip.  Sadly, skiing is something of an expensive hobby, and with dear B.T. on the way, it’s not trip we anticipate being able to take again in the near future.

So then why did I just blog on about last year’s ski trip for so long?  Because I need a break like that one, right about now.  And somehow, I’m just not sure that the three weeks off before classes start again is quite what I mean when I say I need a break.

Ah well, enough grumbling and reminiscing.  Onward, to greater and more glorious things.  Like finishing that story I’ve been working on!

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