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Semester Complete

April 30, 2010

So, as of today, Spring Semester of 2010 is finally over.

I wanted to write something deeper and more interesting than this, but work started gearing up pretty heavy for the beginning of the old monthly cycle again, and so I’ve been swamped… I’ve had to work through lunch rather than getting a bit of freedom, so that’s been a little rough on my “blog-writing” time.  My apologies, folks.

I’d been planning to do another “Genre Critiques” essay sometime in the near future… (I hadn’t done one in quite a while) but I couldn’t decide on a topic worthy of a full-fledged essay (nor a topic which I would have sufficient time to do a little research before today).  So, do you guys have topic suggestions, and maybe I’ll get to one next week?  I was considering researching and critiquing either the “Unobtanium/Adamantium” trope or the “Orphaned Boy” cliché, but I wasn’t sure the first had enough meat for a full essay and I didn’t have enough time to devote sufficient thought to the second. Ah, well.

Other than that, I want only to say that if I drop off and miss a day here or there over the coming weeks, you have my deepest apologies, but it’s only because it’s unavoidable.  I’ve managed to keep up with a daily posting schedule for the last several months, and though I would hate to miss a day at this point, after examining my time and what’s going on in life, I only felt comfortable recommitting to a two official post-update days, with 250 words on each of those days (I updated my About page to reflect the change in my “official” post schedule to the expanded amount a few weeks ago).  Anyway, though the semester is over, there’s still work, and the new “mini-internship” project to work on, and things have a way of catching up with you sometimes.

Hopefully, later today I’ll have an update to my Magical Lexicon.  There may only be a very small handful of definitions added, but at least it will be something…


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