Did WordPress Update?

I get the impression that WordPress must have updated the software recently.  Things are basicaly the same, but they look a little different.  And there are a few annoying little errors that are cropping up here or there.  Things like, WordPress used to fill in the “shortlink” automatically into my Publicize message (where I broadcast a link to Twitter and Facebook back to the latest blog post), and now I have to go get a shortlink manually to paste into it.  Obviously not the end of the world, but it used to be easy before, but for the past couple days it’s been annoying…  Or automatically checking the “Uncategorized” category… it used to not automatically check anything, and now it takes an extra click because I have to  uncheck that first before checking the correct category.

Can I have some of those little things back, guys?

3 thoughts on “Did WordPress Update?

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  2. I’m experimenting problems too. For two days I had lost the schedule/publish buttons. I still miss the categories/tag in the “edit” mode, have to add them in the “quick mode”… hope everything goes back to normal soon!
    Happy writing!

    • I believe I’ve seen some improvement. I’ve no doubt in time everything will be back to normal, I was just having a busy time at work, and the minor annoyance kind of wasn’t helping.

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