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Magical Lexicon Update

April 10, 2010

A quick update on the Lexicon project.  I missed updating it last week.  And I imagine it will be two weeks before it updates again.  So, this isn’t a project that’s getting updated on a weekly schedule.  That’s okay: it is getting updated, and I am still blogging regularly.

That said, here are the new terms for this week, and the new definitions.

New Terms Added:

Angel, Angelic, Dowsing Rod, Dreamtime,Dwarf, Dwimmerlaik, Ifrit, Marid, and Songline

New Definitions Added:

Angel, Angelic, Diviner, Divining Rod, Djinn, Djinni, Doom, Dowsing, Dowsing Rod, Dream, Dreamtime, Dwarf, and Dweomer

I was sad to stop in the middle of the Dweomer/Dwimmer row of words (which will conclude the Ds).  The rest (Dweomercraeft, Dweomercraft, Dwimmer, Dwimmercraft, and Dwimmerlaik) are obviously all related etymologically to Dweomer, so at least there’s that.

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