Today is April 1st

The short version: I know my joke was pretty lame, but I was at a loss for what else I could do.

Honestly, I had planned to write something different for today, but then when I was looking at the date it would post, I changed my mind.  “April 1st”, I said to myself, “That’s April Fool’s Day.”  It’s a long-standing internet tradition that content-providers provide some kind of April Fool’s joke every year on April 1st.  So, naturally, I had to do one.

Of course, the only idea I had was pretty lame.  The problem is, the only cachet I have – the only schtick to play on – is the very existence of my blog, and my love of writing.  So, that was it: your annual April Fool’s joke, played a little straight, and mildly depressing.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be) for you, that last post was my very humble offering to the internet annals of April Fool’s jokes.  My apologies for not having anything more interesting or substantive today.

Happy April Fool’s!

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