End of the Line

You know, it’s been a fun go.  I’ve enjoyed blogging, and expressing my thoughts, sending them out into the ether to see what sticks.

But, it’s just something I don’t think I’m cut out for.  I mean, writing in general.  I’ve been struggling for months with my short story, and I’m still nowhere near finished with it!  There’s no feeling of accomplishment; no satisfaction from having people read and enjoy it.

And I realize: it’s not as though I really stand a chance at breaking in, at getting published.  Though it’s been my life-long dream, we all have life-long dreams, and most of us have to face the music sooner or later and revise our expectations.  For me, it’s the realization that I’ll always be a desk-jockey, a corporate drone prairie-dogging it in a cube farm.

Frankly, faced with the utility of it all, I’ve come to a hard decision.  I thank you for reading, but today the Undiscovered Author will be closing up shop. It’s been a good run.

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