What I’m Reading & Googling Myself

So, I thought it would be a little interesting to talk a little about what I’ve been reading of late.  Over Christmas I had gotten the latest in the “Wheel of Time” series by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson), The Gathering Storm.  I’d promised a review of the series so far, once I finish that book, though I’m only a third through.  This is the longest it’s ever taken me to read one of these books, but never when any of the other books came out have I had a full time job, a wife, a baby on the way, and been working on my MBA taking evening classes.   So the fact that I’ve been able to get a third of the way through (and still finding time in between for writing a tiny bit as well) is maybe worthy of commendation.  Well, since I’m commending myself, I can say it is worthy.

What I thought was particularly worthy of mention, related to yesterday’s post about feeling a bit ill earlier this week, is something that happened to me Tuesday evening.  Despite not feeling terribly well, I spent all day at work.  I’ve been saving up my sick leave, such as it is, for the birth of our son.  Needless to say, by the end of the day, I was exhausted.  I had barely eaten all day.  (I blamed that slice of pizza I ate during class on Monday, even though I’d already eaten and wasn’t hungry, for my ill feeling.  I couldn’t turn down free pizza; it’s like if I was Superman, free pizza is my kryptonite.)  So when I got home that evening, I was weak and tired.  Dinner was a piece of toast.  But before going to bed that evening, I wanted to feel like my time wasn’t totally wasted.  I didn’t have the energy for homework, but I had just enough to pick up a book.  So I read a chapter from The Gathering Storm.  What was funny was that I was so physically weak, and the chapter I was on was sufficiently dramatic, that it left me feeling weaker and shaking just a little for having read it.  This isn’t really a commentary on the quality of the book so much as the state I was in by the end of the day Tuesday, but I did enjoy the chapter.

In unrelated news – but related to the title of this post – periodically since starting this blog I’ve googled my own name, just to see what happens.  I was actually content for my blog to remain buried on Google’s search results for my name, because it gave me a sense of the insulating safety of privacy.  A few weeks ago, though, I noticed that this blog’ was rising up in Google’s ranking.  A week or two ago it appeared on the second page of search results for my name.  Last week, it appeared on the first page, near the bottom.  Today, I am the third-ranked hit for searches on my name.  Ahead of me is an Australian guy named Stephen Watkins who does graphic design and some guy named Stephen H. Watkins (H is totally not my middle initial, though I didn’t search with a middle initial) who is the CEO of some company called Entrex, and seems to do some stuff related to small-cap/venture cap and entrepreneurial ventures.  In my virtual dust, now, are a number of LinkedIn, Facebook, And Twitterers named Stephen Watkins, but of unknown provenance, and an English Cricketer.  And, oddly, a comment I made on another author’s blog.

I’m not quite sure what to make of my new-found pre-eminence in the Google ranking.  However, I’m also not sure it really means anything, right now, since I don’t expect people will often be Googling my name, at least for the foreseeable future.  I do realize there’s a chance that will happen at some hypothetical future point at which I am applying for jobs.  Be that the case, I hope this blog reflects well on me.  If nothing else, it should demonstrate my ability to write lucidly.

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