Under the Weather

I haven’t been feeling terribly great the past few days – especially Tuesday but to a lesser degree Wednesday as well.  Spring Break is over, and my classes have begun again.  Ordinarily, then, I’d do a review of my last Project Management class, but there isn’t much to review.  We talked about risk management, IRR, NPV analysis, and adjusting those for risk.  Mainly I was surprised by how many of us had totally forgotten how to do that stuff since our core Finance class.

So, since I’ve been feeling a bit out of it (and since I write these ahead), you get a little short-changed today.  Which, I know, that’s not going to help my traffic here.  As I feared after that peak last week, traffic here has crashed pretty hard.  Wish I understood how that worked.  Anyway, I hope to be better today, and get back to writing interesting things for Friday and Saturday.  So, stick around.


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