March Madness, Nerd Style

So, it’s March.

That means March Madness, eh?

However, if you care not one whit about Basketball, how can you get in on the fun?  Well, you can fill out a bracket in a heartless attempt to be relevant.  Or you can indulge your inner nerd. 

And go check out this handy fantasy literature bracket pitting characters from a wide diversity of fantasy books against each other in a winner-take-all cage match.  Do up a bracket, and then vote on each of the matches to help determine the winner!

And may I pimp the Jaime Lanister vs. Hermione Granger match, in particular?  Right now, that punk Lanister (a detestable fellow, and I’ve only read the first book in his series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, so far) is pretty handily beating Miss Granger.  It seems to me a travesty of justice, simply on the principle that I think Lanister is vile.  Still, if you feel inclined to indulge your inner nerdiness, vote as you see most fit.

Also, again, I know I’m double-posting again.  Don’t hate.  I’ve got posts already planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sunday being another Writing Quote, of course).

Happy March.  (Link found via Patrick Rothfuss, who has a man in this fight, as it were. )

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