A Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend around here.  I managed to spend a good chunk of my Saturday outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather (and taking a hedge trimmer and saw to some trees to trim them back before they catch spring fever; now I can walk under the shade of some of our trees without having to crouch).  In the evenings, the wife and I spent some time enjoying the Olympics, and duking it out on the Wii.  (I am quite happy to report that Wii-playing did happen this weekend!)

We’ve been really impressed with how well Team USA has done at the Olympics, though I admit I’m a little disappointed that Brother Canada has not fared so well.  I’d totally vote for a few more medals for them (at the expense of Germany, in my opinion; but Dear Wife might disagree because she has German heritage).  On Saturday while at a pizza joint, Curling was on.  We had a few jokes at the expense of Curling; the folks at the table next door called it Shuffleboard on Ice. 

In other news: I’m regaling you with weekend exploits largely because I’m bored.  Little of interest to talk about at work.  Let me amend that: nothing of interest to talk about there.  I’ve not written anything substantial in over a week, and my brain is going into shut-down mode from the recent overload at school.  Luckily it’s almost Spring Break.

But I’ve got to be spending this free time figuring out my career plan.  More on that tomorrow.

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