Quote: Writers Write

It’s time for another edition of Writing Quotes.  This week’s quote comes from novelist and short-story writer Sinclair Lewis

It is impossible to discourage the real writers – they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.

~ Sinclair Lewis

That’s the truth of it, of course.  The old childhood rhyme goes: “Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”  The rhyme is only a half-truth, but for those of us who write, our familiarity with words makes us stronger, because no matter what words are flung our way we can channel those and write them down.  The writers who succeed, ultimately, are those who can bear the criticism and critique, who can accept it, and grow and improve.  And keep writing.

I do wish I wrote more, but I have never been more than momentarily discouraged bad negative critiques or criticism.  Ultimately, I have always taken those in and told myself: “nevermind; you can still learn more, you can do better.”  Ultimately, the criticism does make us better.

So, happy writing!