Saturday Short

Yesterday’s post was extra-long – it took me more than twice-as-long to write as any normal post.  Ordinarily, I would have tried to split it up into multiple posts, to get several day’s worth of material out of it, but I thought the gist of my analysis would lose cohesiveness if I broke it up.  So you got the long, hard slog.  And today you get this short post.

Let me clarify that my intention yesterday was to do an analysis of the various forces acting on the publishing industry and extrapolate what that might mean for writers.  I certainly don’t discount the alternative models that people are experimenting with as we speak.  It’s far too early to tell what will come of all this, as there is little evidence to suggest whether these alternative models will succeed.  (The established history of self-publication is replete with the desiccated husks of publishing disasters and a few, rare, shining beacons of fabulous success.  But the changing world, by definition, means that the old rules may no longer be valid.  We have to reevaluate everything in light of what we know is true that wasn’t true then.)  I’ll be talking in the coming week about some thoughts I have for other possible alternative successor-models for today’s traditional publisher.

In other news, I’m still looking for reviewers for my short story.  My wife reported that she liked it (barring two points of confusion she had that stemmed from some aspects of the twist ending; I’ve attempted to add a little more exposition to help clear it up without, hopefully, slowing it down too much.  Just a line or two, maybe a couple dozen words.)

Besides that, if all goes well, we will be installing the new TV cabinet doors on our previously existing built-in entertainment center and bookshelves.  We are excited to be making our entertainment center more functional.  If that project succeeds, there may be Wii-playing in our future.