Google Stops Being Evil

I must say, I have a huzzah in my heart for Google’s announcement today:

I don’t normally post twice in a day, and not normally on political issues, but filtering search results that are critical of the Chinese Government (in China, anyway) or Pro-Democracy, or Pro-Human Rights, etc. was entirely unconscionable.  But, as a writer (undiscovered or otherwise), it is inherent in my nature to fundamentally oppose anything that stymies freedom of expression or freedom of the press.  As a businessman, I understand the profound profit implications of pulling likely having to pull out of China because of this, but as a principled-leader-in-training, I have a firm conviction that pursuit of profits blind to the moral values that must be compromised is ultimately damaging to long-term shareholder value. 

So, I have to give props to Google for turning aside from that path, and choosing the right.

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